Horses for Sale

Our primary interest is in raising, training, and selling only the highest quality trail & driving horses.  Our training program focuses on the Rocky Mountain & Haflinger horse breeds.  All mares used in our Rocky Mountain horse breeding program are Rocky Mountain Horse Association (RMHA)-registered and certified. Several of the breeding stock are dual-registered/certified with both the Rocky Mountain Horse Association (RMHA) and the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association (KMSHA).  Most of our Haflingers are registered with the American Haflinger Registry (AHR).

Our Rocky Mountain horses are selected for superior disposition, temperament, conformation, natural gait, color and foundation bloodlines.  At this time our Rocky Mountain horses are mostly varying shades of chocolate with either white or flaxen manes and tails.  Our Haflingers are likewise selected for superior disposition, temperament & conformation.

Bob & Louise